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Disconfigured - Misc

I hope someone told the admins that this bot is for notes and not secrets. Who knows what they might be hiding 👀

Bot: Disconfigured#1791

Author: Delta#5000


There is a discord bot. I slide into its DMs and type !help.

From this, I can tell the bot is written with discord.py. I recognize the help message, it is generated automatically by discord.ext.commands.

It’s weird that commands.Context is included in the argument list. ctx is kind of like a default parameter used by discord.py functions, and it wouldn’t normally be listed in the help message, as users should not be able to provide the ctx parameter. It is used to specify which user sent the message that triggered the command and things like that, meaning that if we could modify it, we could pretend we’re someone else.

However, this is a dead end. Let’s assume this bot does not implement a custom help command. In this case, if we could modify ctx, !help note should say !note [ctx]. I concluded that the creator just explained ctx in the docstring of the function, maybe to confuse us or maybe just to document the code. The docstring is then used by discord.py to generate the command’s help function. We cannot actually use ctx as a parameter of the command. If we could, it would be very hard to do, and I did not feel like trying that. So I went with the assumption; the bot does not have a custom help command and we cannot provide our own ctx.

The only other thing I found suspicious was server admins can see all. What exactly does this mean? The author of the challenge specifically? The admins of the DownUnderCTF server? Or… any admin?

Invite the bot in your own server.

To invite a bot, you need an invite link. At first I had no idea how to do that, but I looked up the invite link of my own bot and found that you simply need the bot’s user id, which you obtain by enabling developer tools in Discord and right clicking on the bot -> Copy ID. Then, take the invite URL of any other bot and simply replace the client_id field.


Type !help in your own server and….

Alright, CLEARLY we are on the right path. Let’s see these new commands.


This command gives you all the notes that have been saved in the server. We do not really care about the notes in our own server, but something interesting I tried was changing the name of my server to “DownUnderCTF”. I did this hoping the bot uses the servers’ names to keep track of them instead of their IDs. If that were the case, this would’ve allowed me to access the notes in the CTF’s discord and probably give me the flag, but sadly it still gave me the notes of my own server. Yes, notes are server-based by the way. You could already verify this by adding a note in DownUnderCTF’s server and in your DMs and then using !notes, they are separate. I think a DM between 2 people is like its own server in the Discord API.


Alright, our attempt with get_server_notes failed, so this has to be it. We can run a query, which should allow us to get any information we want (the flag).

This was the most painful part for me. I usually do pwn, what the hell are databases?

We can assume that collection refers to a Server ID, which you can get with right click -> copy ID on the server icon.

For the query, first I was trying SQL. I spent too much time figuring out that the message is talking about mongodb. Collections is a term used a lot by mongodb documentation, and mongodb allows a json form for queries. See here: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/reference/method/db.collection.find/

To return all documents in a collection, omit this parameter or pass an empty document ({}).

Alright then, let’s try using the DownUnderCTF server id…

Ok. I see things, which is good. No flag, which is terrible. My assumption was, there are too many notes, the flag is hidden. I need to filter this output with the query. I want all notes made by the creator of the challenge. This is where the real pain starts.

Why? just FoLlOw tHE mONGoDb DocumEnTatIon right?? Well, yes, but actually no.

Nothing I tried was working. Nothing. You need to do a query like this:

"{"user_id": {"$eq": 177022915747905536}}"

Ok. Let’s try that.

The query must be broken, let’s try a million other things from the mongodb documentation, or hey maybe it’s not actually mongodb. Actually no, I won’t show that part ;_; let’s try the same query again.

OH GOD OH NO IT’S THERE WHAT DID I CHANGE??? discord.py uses the " kinda like bash… It needs to be escaped, and it can be used to group different words in a single parameter.

So you type "{\"user_id\": {\"$eq\": 177022915747905536}}"

Yeah, a lot of pain was hidden in this writeup. Whatever, take your flag.